Node Weekly
December 10, 2015  #116
Node Foundation
Node 5.1.1 fixed the security issues mentioned last week, but now 5.2.0 is already here. A key addition is support for Intel VTune JIT profiling.

Gergely Nemeth
There’s always something to learn from stories about chasing and fixing memory leaks in apps - this story is no exception.

A 40 minute talk by Yunong Xiao covering techniques for debugging runtime performance issues, crashes, errors, and memory leaks.

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By finding things like SSH keys, .npmrc, and config data in published npm packages, someone managed to get direct push access to numerous prominent npm packages. Further discussion at Hacker News.

Node Foundation
A mishmash of news items following on from the first Node.js Interactive event this week, including that there are now ‘more than 3 million active users of Node.js’. So in reading this newsletter, you are a 1%er :-)

Ivan Nikulin
A full-featured HTML parser based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification. “It parses HTML the way [..] your browser does.”

Tim Gross
A look at bringing numerous pieces together in a multi-tier application that can serve as a blueprint for a microservices architecture.


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