Node Weekly
December 17, 2015  #117
Slack, the messaging app folks, are encouraging people to create new Slack-based chatbots and services and have officially endorsed this boilerplate for creating our own Slack bots.

Synthetic Semantics
EMS complements asynchronous and distributed concurrency with multithreading, transactional memory, and other fine-grained synchronization capabilities. OS X and Linux only for now.

The New Stack
Last week, Microsoft announced it would open source the core of its Chakra JavaScript engine. Now it’s looking at using it to power Node too.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
Learn everything you need to build and deploy a maintainable single page app. This course covers a broad range of topics as we build an app from scratch using React, Ampersand, ES6 (ES2015), and Webpack.

Frontend Masters

The V8 Project
The V8 JavaScript engine (as used by Node) has a much improved random number generation algorithm, explains Yang Guo. It’ll be rolled out widely in Chrome 49.

Node Foundation
The usual minor bugfixes and updates (libuv up to 1.8.0).

Backend agnostic, encourages you to write acceptance tests from a user’s perspective, includes an interactive shell to control a browser in real time, and more.

Marko Anastasov
Semaphore is a CI tool monitoring many commercial projects and they’ve shared the stats for the versions of Node they’re seeing. 0.10 is by far in the lead here.

Stephan Bönnemann avoid breaking their user’s software and to ship stable releases, using npm’s package distribution tags.


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