Node Weekly
December 31, 2015  #118
A distribution and cloud agnostic guide to deploying Node apps in production, taking you all the way from ‘I have the source for a Node app’ to ‘I have a deployed Node app on the Web’.

Alex Kras
A walkthrough of hunting down a memory leak in a Node program. Includes a sample app, and the techniques you’ll need to hunt the bug.

The New Stack
A write up (and recording) of a chat between Dan Shaw (NodeSource), Ashley Williams (npm, Inc) and Matteo Collina (NearForm) about how Node needs more, and better, tooling to grow in the enterprise.   Sponsor
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Dan Cătălin Burzo
A look at extracting data from OpenStreetMap files and drawing a map with SVG from Node.

A fun talk by Thomas Watson on using the Internet Printing Protocol from Node to create virtual printers from your Node apps for various ends.

Scott Frees
A series of posts about bringing C and C++ code into Node apps by running it, via a shared library, or as an addon. Part two looks at controlling a C++ program from Node, and part three covers calling native C++ DLLs from Node.

Danese Cooper
In 20 minutes, PayPal’s Danese Cooper reflects on the growth of the Node ecosystem and community through events, working groups and the Node Foundation.


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