Node Weekly
January 15, 2016  #120
Daniel Khan
A look at how Node.js manages memory and how to trace down memory-related problems.

Node can potentially reveal data if your server-side code leaks uninitialized buffers to clients. There’s further discussion in an issue raised on the official Node repository.

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These 10 habits will improve application performance and make you more productive. Learn how to take maximum advantage of Node’s high concurrency, speed up your builds, better manage dependencies, avoid Node's greedy garbage collector and much more.


Sindre Sorhus
Following on from other ‘awesome’ themed link lists comes one aimed at the npm ecosystem, but it includes a variety of npm-related tips too.

Stephan Ahlf
A Node-focused JavaScript debugger for Linux, OS X and Windows that uses the Chrome Developer Tools.

Scott Robinson
Get the most out of your multi-core CPU by spinning up multiple processes of your Node app by using the ‘cluster’ module.

Charlie Key
MQTT is a simple pub/sub messaging protocol for sensors and mobile devices. This walkthrough looks at using Node and MQTT to build a simple garage opener app.


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