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January 21, 2016  #121

Just a heads up that early pricing for O'Reilly Fluent ends tonight. It's a JavaScript conference that takes place in San Francisco, March 8-10. I'll be there, along with Brendan Eich, Nicolas Bevacqua, Douglas Crockford, Jen Looper, Tammy Everts, and other great folks. The code FRIEND will take 20% off for you too.
- Peter Cooper, Editor

Microsoft’s repo for ChakraCore, part of their JavaScript engine, opened up last week, and there has already been a pull request enabling ChakraCore support in Node. Binary releases to try are already available.

Tejesh Mehta
A new microservice framework heavily inspired by Koa, which aims to be a simple, robust, and scalable foundation for creating RabbitMQ microservices.

Smashing Magazine
“I’d like to discuss a practice that has been on my mind a lot lately that I think much of the community needs to evaluate.”

Telerik Kendo UI   Sponsor
JavaScript developers: Enable users to export content to Excel, PDF, and PNG in minutes with just a few lines of code.

Telerik Kendo UI

Daniel Khan
A look at the event loop and how to track down tasks that consume too much CPU time and slow down your app’s process.

Evan Lucas
Some minor performance improvements and tweaks, but not a major release.

This allows you to profile, debug and develop typical Node programs with some of the features of Chrome’s DevTools.

Keith Horwood
Nodal is a new, opinionated Node.js framework, and in this post its creator explains some background and motivation for the project.


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