Node Weekly
March 3, 2016  #127
Smashing Magazine
An incredibly in-depth tutorial, complete with code, diagrams, and insights, into the process behind creating an isomorphic/universal React app using React and Express.

GraphQL is a new query language that lets a client side app describe the data it needs in order for the server to supply it in a single request. This post looks at creating an Express server to satisfy GraphQL requests.

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Jeremiah Senkpiel
The biggest change is an upgrade to the underlying OpenSSL version which resolves a few defects. Four new members have also joined the Core Technical Committee.

Eliezer Steinbock
Quite an in-depth look at what’s involved.

Oliver Rumbelow
A 25 minute talk looking at how to take a heavily used Node app and scale it across many cores and servers.

Isaiah Grey
It’ll let you send an SMS to your Twilio number with the name of a city and then return a weather forecast.

NodeBB runs on either Redis or MongoDB and uses WebSockets for fast interactions and real-time notifications.


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