Node Weekly
February 25, 2016  #126
Claudia automates and simplifies workflows and error prone tasks. It can set up Lambda and API Gateway for you so you can get moving fast.

Minwoo Jung
Casually dropped in the middle of some other announcements but it’s looking good! It was created by Amanda Cohen.

Rod Vagg
Includes a long list of relatively minor tweaks and changes.

Stormpath   Sponsor
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a simple Express.js API and the differences between securing it with HTTP Basic Authentication vs. OAuth 2.0. Learn more.


Christopher Temple
Enter an npm package and see which other packages are commonly used alongside it on projects.

Nicolas Bevacqua
Compose responsive email templates easily, fill them with models, and send them out. Version 4 came out today.

Inspired by commander.js, Vorpal is a framework for building immersive command line apps built around an interactive prompt.

Armağan Amcalar
All services are built on top of Node and can require any Node module. Note that this platform was built as an entry for a hackathon.


  • Software Architect – JavaScript
    We’re looking for a JavaScript Architect to improve our existing tools and frameworks. If you have an excellent knowledge of ES2015+, good knowledge of webpack and Babel and a thorough understanding of JavaScript application architecture, apply today. Trivago
  • Pluralsight Author - Node Instructor (Freelance, Part-time)
    Seeking skilled instructors to share their Node expertise with learners on a global scale. Authors work from home on their own schedule, are recognized experts, and earn completion payments and royalties. Please apply if you have a flair for teaching and helping others learn. PLURALSIGHT
  • Node Skills are in demand
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