Node Weekly
March 17, 2016  #129
Addons are dynamically-linked shared objects, written in C or C++, that can be loaded into Node using require(), and used just as if they were an ordinary Node.js module. Learn how to create one here.

The Next Web
John Shewchuk, a technical fellow at Microsoft whose job it is to bring the community closer to the company, interviewed Isaac Schlueter, but The Next Web has then interviewed both in turn.

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Evan Lucas

Victor Bjelkholm
It downloads the module and its dependencies and starts a REPL with the module already loaded into the current scope.

Jonathan King
A wrapper for npm that lets you play a Space-Invaders style game while you’re installing node_modules. Works on the terminal, even via SSH.

Michael Herman
A complete walkthrough of creating a RESTful Web service using Express, Postgres, and pg-promise.

Ian Crowther
It’s going to be on May 11th - a Call for Speakers is open now.


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