Node Weekly
March 24, 2016  #130
Azer Koçulu
A developer unpublished his modules from the central npm repository (as is his right) after an altercation with the makers of Kik, the messaging app. This then caused a cascade of problems..

The Register
A brief high level summary of how the unpublishing of the left-pad module caused other projects to break.

Google Cloud Platform Blog
Want to run Node apps on Google App Engine? Now you can, and Google has offered up lots of samples, tutorials, and tools to help.

Datadog   Sponsor
Submit custom metrics via Datadog's HTTP API or node.js client libraries. Graph, analyze, correlate and comment on metrics from across your stack in one place. 14-day unlimited trial.


Guillermo Rauch
Yes, this is Just For Fun™, but what fun it is. If your module can fit into 140 characters, tweet it, then load the tweet into your app. Job done.

npm Inc.
Isaac Z. Schlueter reflects on this week’s events around the disruption caused when a package that many projects depend on was unpublished by its author.

Sandeep Chivukula
This tutorial series demonstrates using Elasticsearch as an image search system with Node doing the image processing.

Heejin Lee
It’s like Alfred or Spotlight on OS X but for Windows and written using Node and Electron to become a desktop app.

Krasimir Tsonev
Terminal-based stepping, breakpoints, and watching.


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