Node Weekly
May 12, 2016  #137
Jon Kuperman
Inspired by sites like Laracasts and Railscasts, the videos so far seem to be free so fill your boots with videos on Express, npm, ES6, and more.

Gergely Nemeth
For beginners. Learn how to properly structure a Node project to avoid confusion when it starts to grow.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
Angular 2 is an incredibly powerful evolution of AngularJS. Discover why Angular 2 is half the framework with twice the power!

Frontend Masters

Someone asked on Reddit, provoking both answers and discussion.

Guy Podjarny
Multiple severe and trivially exploited vulnerabilities in ImageMagick were disclosed last week. Luckily a package called imagemagick-safe can help protect your own ImageMagick-using Node apps.

Alex Chaplinsky
Electron lets you build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies. This just makes the setup easier.

Jim Pick
An interesting approach that means you still keep full control over your comments section, but keeps it off of your main site.

Gaurav Ramesh
This tutorial helps you get up and running with a simple node app that turns your Slack channel into a custom command-line terminal.


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