Node Weekly
May 6, 2016  #136

Don't adjust your set - we're a day late to accommodate the anticipated Node releases as featured below :-)

Node.js Foundation
A security fix release of OpenSSL has triggered the updates. 5.11.1 and 4.4.4 are mainly security updates, but 6.1.0 also includes some bug fixes and new features like process.cpuUsage() and Socket#connecting.

Michael Herman
A complete walkthrough of taking a red/green/refactor TDD approach to creating a database-driven RESTful API with Node.

Nicolai Kamenzky
Lost track of the routes and middleware scattered across an Express app? This tool will help.

Heroku   Sponsor
Bots can help your team as part of your day-to-day work. Build real-time bots in Node.js with Slack's WebSocket-based API. Check out how easy it is to build and deploy them on Heroku.


Laurie Voss
What is SOA, why is Node well suited for SOA-based apps, and how does npm Inc. use this approach? Their CTO explains all.

Andris Reinman
Send emails to your own list with this open source system built on top of Nodemailer. Use any SMTP service to send, as well as SES, SparkPost, SendGrid or Mailgun.

Michael Hablich
The Google-backed JavaScript engine behind both Node and Chrome has announced an important milestone: “V8 supports ES6 and ES7.” How, and what does this mean for the future?


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