Node Weekly
July 7, 2016  #145
Node.js Foundation
Buffer gains a swap64 method, crypto’s root certificates have been updated, npm has been upgraded, debugging support over the inspector support has been added, and more.

Sindre Sorhus
“Publish npm packages in style,” says Sindre Sorhus, creator of this tool that ensures a variety of best package publishing practices.

A ‘serverless’ continuous integration system built with Node that runs on AWS’s Lambda platform and supports 100 concurrent builds out of the box.

Codiscope Jacks   Sponsor
Quickly analyze your GitHub repos to get expert security recommendations and proven patches that will make your app more secure. Jacks currently supports: Node with express, hapi, and React. Get instant results by analyzing your repo for free right now.

Codiscope Jacks

Robert Kowalski
Next Tuesday at 2pm ET, we’re running our first live Node webcast in which Robert Kowalski will dive into the patterns successful CLI clients use so that you can better create your own.

An app that makes PGP easy enough for anyone to use, and a good example of a Node-powered Electron app using React and Redux.

Erin McKean
Have you always wanted to make your very own Twitterbot, but didn’t want to run a server to do so? AWS Lambda’s ‘serverless’ approach provides an option.


  • Lynda Looking for Node.js Developers to Provide Video Training
    We’re looking for experienced Node.js developers with a passion for sharing their knowledge to author training videos for Lynda. It’s flexible, remote, part-time work for an advance and royalties. Lynda from LinkedIn
  • Software Engineer – JavaScript
    Wanted: JavaScript genius who can apply their analytical work process to our codebase. Experience with webpack, Rollup and Babel? Understand unidirectional data-flow principles? Apply today. Trivago
  • Node.js Developer at X-Team (Remote)
    We're looking for developers with extensive knowledge of Javascript. The perfect candidate would be highly skilled in different frameworks and libraries. We are 100% remote and we provide the funding needed to help you achieve your goals and grow. X-Team

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