Node Weekly
July 14, 2016  #146
Jordan Last
Did you realize it’s possible to define server code declaratively using server-side web components? Some slightly mind bending stuff here.

Brendan Gregg
“The memory of your Node.js process is growing endlessly, what do you do?” llnode, a Node plugin for the LLDB debugger, can help.

Evan You
Simplifies the workflow of setting up, updating and managing multiple Node apps on a Linux server. Uses pm2 for process management.

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Trace by RisingStack

Samuele Zaza
Write a RESTful API with Node.js and use Mocha and Chai to write tests against it. Step-by-step guide, with associated GitHub repo.

R N Chamberlain
Node and V8 have comprehensive development-time tracing and profiling facilities, but things are trickier in production. IBM’s Runtimes team is focusing on making improvements here.

A new platform that has sprung out of the Nodal API framework project.

Pur3 Ltd
The creator of Espruino (a JS interpreter for microcontrollers) is creating a JavaScript-programmable Bluetooth beacon. It’s on KickStarter and has already far surpassed its goal.


  • Skilled NodeJS developer for fun and exciting project in Europe
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    Are you are a Web Developer with excellent JavaScript coding skills? Our ideal candidate would be someone who enjoys JavaScript and has an interest to work cross-functions, pro-active throughout, with a focus on delivery. William Hill
  • Senior Node.js Developers with Gorilla Logic (Boulder, Colorado)
    Help our diverse engineers build a high-quality scalable product. The platform’s reach changes lives by engaging personal growth in spirituality, relationship and wellness. Read why the best devs choose Gorilla Logic. Gorilla Logic

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