Node Weekly
July 21, 2016  #147
Guillermo Rauch
Open source and extensible. Extensions are Node modules loaded by both Electron and the app's renderer.

Ian Bull
The Java & JVM ecosystem remains important in software development and J2V8 makes it possible to run Node within the JVM and interact between both environments.

Uri Shaked
“The Physical Web lets you anchor URLs to physical places by way of a BLE beacon.” And it’s possible to use your normal computer to do this, instead of hardware beacons.

Heroku   Sponsor
Heroku customer Emarsys shares their approach to sizing microservices. Read More.


Skills are capabilities of Amazon’s voice controllable Echo device and Amazon has released an official Node SDK for building Alexa Skills easily.

Kevin Ndung'u
Avoid the challenges of testing code that depends on external services and APIs by using Nock to test HTTP requests in isolation.

Péter Márton
Learn how to move a Node.js app on to Kubernetes to achieve lower response times and costs, plus improved security.

Node.js Survey
A member of the Node.js Foundation is conducting a survey to better understand how Node is being used in production.


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