Node Weekly
August 4, 2016  #149
Josh Emerson
At the recent Node.js Live in London, Josh Emerson looked at writing secure Node code and how to mitigate risks when it comes to npm packages. 16 minutes.

Beep Boop
Uses the new Slack Events API, supports conversation flows, state, etc. 100% test coverage too.

Bandwidth   Sponsor
Check out this BANDWIDTH exclusive on building a WebRTC application using Node, Typescript, and JavaScript. Dig into the code as we walk you through all the steps you need to give your app a voice—without reinventing the wheel.


Paul Krill
Microsoft is trying to take Node.js beyond its current ties to the V8 JavaScript engine.

Lowell Thomas introduces apg-exp, a library that uses the ABNF pattern syntax to create readable, composable sets of rules for validating data.

Luke Bond
How to recreate process management, logging and clustering functionality using the Linux init system, systemd, and why this is superior to things like PM2 or Nodemon.


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