Node Weekly
August 11, 2016  #150
Jason Lengstorf
A thorough walkthrough, complete with video (if you prefer), of creating a new server, deploying a Node app, securing it with an SSL certificate, using the PM2 process manager, and pointing a domain name to it.

Siddharth Kshetrapal
Run auto-install in the directory you’re working in and as you require dependencies, it’ll install the relevant modules.

A new service (looking for beta users) aiming to provide readily available, scalable web functions that you can both share and reuse from anywhere. Demo video showing off the concept.

Semaphore   Sponsor
The fastest CI/CD solution for shipping your dockerized apps to production. Join developers at Intel and 500px who are using Semaphore to test and deploy their apps with confidence.


Luis Felipe Lopez Garay
Learn how to build a URL shortener webapp from scratch using Node and MongoDB with Hapi.js as the API framework. Includes front-end too.

David Gilbertson
Thoughts on ‘total cost of ownership’ of npm packages you introduce as dependencies: “As you’re next typing npm install…, stop to think about the total cost of that package, over the lifespan of your project.”

UNLOQ Systems
A production-ready, highly modular framework that lets you bring together various modules to create systems from e-mail processors or background workers to static sites or admin interfaces.


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