Node Weekly
August 18, 2016  #151
Node.js Foundation
There’s a fuller release brief here. 4.5 contains a few backported 6.x features considered important enough for a LTS release.

Rafal Wilinski
Inspired by, this self-hosted module, based on and Chart.js, reports realtime server metrics for Express-based apps.

A quick demonstration of using netjet to insert Link preload headers in HTTP responses.

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Mathieu Breton
A brief review of different ways to keep NPM dependencies up to date, including npm-check-updates, updtr, next-updater, and Greenkeeper.

Google Maps
Supports various Google Maps APIs, including Directions, Elevation, Roads, Geocoding and more.

Patrick Mueller
He’s not, but you should be thinking about the packages your application is using. Do you know all the packages your application is using and what they contain?


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