Node Weekly
September 1, 2016  #153
A backwards-compatible upgrade to V8 5.1, and ~99% ES2015 coverage. This release also fixes some regressions introduced in v6.4.

Tierney Coren
Using npm as effectively as possible can be difficult. Here is a list of 11 bite-size tricks to help speed up development.

Gergely Nemeth
In recent Node releases, V8 was updated to version 5.x - here, we see how garbage collection is being affected en route to a new GC called Orinoco.

Gemnasium Enterprise   Sponsor
Running insecure code is a liability. Run Gemnasium behind your firewall and find security issues in your dependencies as soon as they appear. We support npm, Bower, RubyGems, PyPi and Packagist for code on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise.

Gemnasium Enterprise

Maia Victor
Works in both Node and the browser to make using the GPU for calculations easy. In the browser, it does some trickery with WebGL to make it all work.

Luciano Mammino
Build a super fast Universal JavaScript app that can be rendered both on the client and on the server using React, React Router and Express.

Josh Marinacci
Introducing Ohm, a JavaScript parser generator for building your own programming languages.


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