Node Weekly
September 8, 2016  #154
Rod Vagg
Node 5.x is no longer getting any updates, and 7.x is around the corner, but what’s the long term plan for Node.js versioning? Learn more about Node’s future here.

Tierney Coren
Electron makes it easy to build cross-platform desktop apps with Web technologies. These tools bring packagers, debuggers, and testing into the mix.

Datadog   Sponsor
Graph custom Node metrics, correlate with metrics and events from the rest of your infrastructure, and set sophisticated alerts on app performance. Get started with Datadog in minutes.


Based on Manuel Kiessling’s Node Beginner Book and uses the online Hyperdev development environment.

Pedro Teixeira
A high level look at how Node and PouchDB can collaborate to enable apps built using offline-first principles.


In Brief