Node Weekly
September 29, 2016  #157
Node.js Foundation
Five different OpenSSL related security flaws have led to new security releases (below). A few Node-specific flaws have also been resolved.

Node.js Foundation
Several releases for important security reasons. See 0.12.6, 0.10.47 and 4.6.0 release posts separately.

Gergely Nemeth
Learn some best practices for using Node’s package manager: from installation and finding packages, through to locking dependencies and securing projects.

Bandwidth   Sponsor
Despite the fact that Express is the current dominator in the Node server space, we decided to go with Koa to serve up our UI code. See our thoughts behind the process, and how it all shook out.


P'unk Avenue
A stable, long-term-supported CMS framework for Node that lets end users edit content directly on the page.

Built to back the infrastructure of a Bitcoin-powered company, Bcoin claims to be the most versatile Bitcoin library available - and all in JS.

Zeke Sikelianos
Some of the things you can create using features and tools that Electron inherits from the Chromium browser, Node.js, and the vast ecosystem of npm modules. Filmed at GitHub Universe 2016 - 42 minutes.

Machisté Quintana
An engineer at Slack demonstrates the tools Slack used to reduce friction in Electron development (which they used for the latest Slack client, currently in beta). 35 minutes.

Tierney Coren
Containers provide a common way to deploy Node apps in production, but how can you improve your packaging process?


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