Node Weekly
September 22, 2016  #156
Node.js Foundation
The Node.js Foundation reflects on events a year after Node and io.js merged and where Node is headed next from their point of view.

PM2 is a process manager for Node.js apps with a built-in load balancer. Version 2 brings increased stability and performance and better support for both Windows and Docker users.

Paul Matthew Jaworski
A developer quickly shares his approach to ‘going serverless’ and building a CRUD API with AWS Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB.

Compose   Sponsor
Learn how to connect R, the language used by data scientists and statisticians, to PostgreSQL with RPostgreSQL and RPostgres.


Paul Krill
“a big goal of Node.js is to become fully VM-agnostic in the next year”

Telerik Developer Network
The basics of using npm via the command line and the tooling built into Visual Studio that can make it even easier to use.

Dan Rathbone
Easy-Fix is a new module that helps integration tests capture and replay test data allowing tests to run in ‘live’ or ‘replay’ mode as you prefer.


In Brief