Node Weekly
October 13, 2016  #159
Node.js Foundation
SyncWriteStream now inherits from Stream.Writable so when stdio is piped to a file, stdout and stderr will be Writable streams; http.request() now accepts a timeout option; setTimeout/Interval perf has been improved.

Paulius Uza
Node.js v7 (not yet officially released) ships with async/await support. This post outlines the minimal setup in order to play with native versions of these new features early.

Facebook Code
With Yarn, engineers have access to the npm registry while operating faster, more securely, and more reliably. The initial community response has been very positive.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
Build a fully functional API with Node.js and have the skills to build your own APIs. You’ll see just how easy and fun creating API’s in Node can be! 😀

Frontend Masters

Marko Anastasov
Semaphore’s latest report of Node version usage in commercial projects running through their service. 0.10 remains most popular..

The npm Blog
Isaac Schlueter, the CEO of npm, Inc., welcomes the newcomer (linked above) to the npm ecosystem.

Alex Hultman
Recently rewritten entirely, µWS is a lightweight, efficient and scalable WebSocket server and client library - built with the existing Node infrastructure in mind.

Nicholas Duffy
A simple introduction to creating a testable, explorable API using the LoopBack framework.

Gabrielle Crevecoeur
Do you want to build a snow-bot? In this 39-minute talk Gabrielle dives into the world of NodeBots — using a Node robotics framework and an Arduino to create a Disney’s Frozen inspired bot.


  • Node.js developer at Econify (New York, NY)
    Econify is a software development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking a senior Node.js developer. Elixir knowledge a plus. Econify
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