Node Weekly
October 20, 2016  #160
Node.js Foundation
Node.js v6 transitions into a Long Term Support version that will be maintained until April 2019. 6.9.1 is now out due to a regression.

Node.js Foundation
Three major updates for Node this month, with v7 set to become the new ‘current’ release line, v6 transitioning to LTS, and v0.10 reaching its ‘end of life’ with no patches at all beyond October.

Ryan Roemer
publish-diff produces a prepublication text diffs of what is about to be published versus what is currently in the npm registry.

Datadog   Sponsor
Graph custom Node metrics, correlate with metrics and events from the rest of your infrastructure, and set sophisticated alerts on app performance. Get started with Datadog in minutes.


Developer Express Inc.
A pure Node solution for testing webapps that handles browsers, running tests, and generating report. There’s great documentation too.

Node.js Foundation
Node’s LTS will be transitioning between v4 and v6 over the next few months - this is a thorough reference to all the changes for anyone who needs to audit their apps.

Slobodan Stojanović
An entry-level introduction to building a Facebook Messenger bot with Claudia Bot Builder.


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