Node Weekly
November 3, 2016  #162
Tierney Coren
With an updated version of V8 under the hood, there’s now major support for something near and dear to many JavaScript developers’ hearts: ES6.

Scott Frees
Learn how to share data between Node and C++ using Buffers - in order to work with the same data in both languages, in a performant way.

The LLNODE project has moved under the Node.js organization. It provides a plugin to the LLDB debugger so JavaScript stacks and heap objects can be analyzed from a core dump.

Frontend Masters   Sponsor
Use the same skills you use on the web to build cross-platform, native applications in JavaScript!

Frontend Masters

Kenton Varda
A look at how a team investigated an odd performance issue with one of their Node apps that was pegging the CPU at 100% usage but remaining responsive to requests.

Michael Herman
A detailed tutorial looking at a test-first approach to token-based authentication in a Node app, using JSON Web Tokens and Postgres.

Tamas Kadlecsik
A thorough, practical look at how Node’s event loop works, how you can leverage it to build fast apps, and how to solve common problems.

Rising Stack
A quick link driven history of Node.js from 2009 until the present day.


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