Node Weekly
October 27, 2016  #161
Node.js Foundation
Based around V8 5.4 which has 98% coverage of ES6 features. 7.x will get the latest features first, with 6.9 being the new LTS version. Note that there are breaking features, such as unhandled promise rejections emitting process warnings.

Alon Salant
An interesting look at introducing visual debugging whilst developing Node apps via both the Node Inspector and JetBrains WebStorm.

The Node.js v6 release line became LTS last week and it brings a few new features to the LTS table versus v4. A great look at ten of them here.

Greenkeeper   Sponsor
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4.0 is a smaller leap from 3.0 than 3.0 was from 2.0 but there are still changes to be aware of, such as a new prepare script and a rewrite of the npm search feature. 4.0.1 is the latest.

Built on top of React, Webpack and Babel, Next makes it quick to get going with server-rendered React.

Part of a series looking at interacting with databases from Node. This time, LevelDB - a fast key-value store from Google.

Telerik Developer Network
A look at how the LoopBack framework simplifies the process of creating, maintaining and securing REST-based APIs with Node.js.

Tom Spencer
In low memory environments, V8 can benefit from some tweaks to ensure its garbage collector operates efficiently.


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