Node Weekly
November 17, 2016  #164
Realm is an object database where you simply work with objects as you’re used to and they’re persisted directly.

Philip Scott
An interesting introduction to pairing up the PM2 process manager with a module that lets you programatically monitor metrics related to your Node processes.

David Gilbertson
A look at getting Node running on Windows via the Windows Subsystem for Linux rather than the Windows-specific build. Pretty easy.

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RedisMonitor exposes large keys and memory leaks with an interactive map of your Redis memory. Starting at just $7 per month.


Dave Johnson
A thorough practical walkthrough of using the stdlib platform to build and publish a useful microservice.

Adam Baldwin
A developer put up an otherwise useless package that ‘called home’ and looked into what bots are automatically installing all Node packages.

Tierney Coren
Following on from their popular 11 simple npm tricks post comes.. 7 more tips.

Gergely Nemeth
Learn how Node’s garbage collection and memory management works in practice with code-level explanations and examples.


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