Node Weekly
December 1, 2016  #165
Adam Baldwin
Lift Security and &yet are donating the Node Security Project and its data to the Node Foundation.

Node.js Foundation
The Node.js Foundation’s mission to grow Node everywhere is progressing with efforts to define a stable API that’s independent of V8 and would allow VMs to be more easily switched in future.

Microsoft Edge Dev Blog
Further to the above news, the Node.js build system is now producing nightly builds of Node-ChakraCore, a Node build based on Microsoft’s JavaScript VM.

Codiscope Jacks   Sponsor
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Codiscope Jacks

Peter Czibik
How native Node.js modules work, how to integrate with V8, and how you can use modules to increase the performance of your app.

The npm Blog
A dig into a bug at the npm registry that resulted in READMEs getting truncated unexpectedly.

Build and deploy a JavaScript-powered microservice from your browser using the stdlib service.

Simon Y. Blackwell
A native JavaScript auto-synchronizing object database with a SQL like syntax and persistence engines for both the browser and Node.


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