Node Weekly
January 5, 2017  #169
Node.js Foundation
npm gets an upgrade to 4.0.5, and the performance of the ‘http’ server, Buffer.from(), Buffer allocation and EventEmitter.once() are improved significantly.

Gergely Nemeth
A look at a variety of questions, and potential answers to them, that you could encounter when interviewing for Node-related jobs this year.

Franziska Hinkelmann
Just before Christmas, the Google V8 team shared a post about how they’ve been working to make Node better too.

RedisGreen   Sponsor
RedisGreen's hosting and monitoring service maps your memory usage and tracks how keys in your database behave over time.


Carlos Justiniano
Building services with Express.js is common and relatively easy, but Hydra adds more power with service discovery, inter-service communication, job queues, and more.

When run, it automatically generates a GitHub Release and populates it with the changes/commits made since the last release.

Nolan Lawson
Works in both the browser and on Node and uses the highest resolution timing options available.


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