Node Weekly
December 22, 2016  #168

In this final issue of the year, we look back at the most popular Node links of 2016. We hope you have a happy holiday season and we'll see you in 2017 :-)

Tierney Coren
Using npm as effectively as possible can be difficult. This list of 11 bite-size tricks to help speed up development was very popular this year.

David Gilbertson
David knows Node well, but upon reading through Node’s documentation some more, a variety of interesting techniques jumped out at him.

Smashing Magazine
An incredibly in-depth tutorial, complete with code, diagrams, and insights, into the process behind creating an isomorphic/universal React app using React and Express.

Semaphore   Sponsor
Looking for an easy way to ship your dockerized apps? Try cloud's fastest CI/CD solution with an always up-to-date platform and full-layer caching for Docker images. How fast? Your deployment can take less time than it took you to read this paragraph.


Gergely Nemeth
Node 6.0 was a major release of 2016, but what did that mean for developers?

Igor Soarez
In a 20 minute talk, Igor Soarez looked at how an influx of developers from various cultures has lead to anti-patterns emerging in Node code.

Azat Mardan
Protocol Buffers (protobuf) provide an interesting alternative to JSON. They’re denser and provide data schemas for enforcement of structure.

Realm is an object database where you simply work with objects as you’re used to and they’re persisted directly.

Gergely Nemeth
Gergely Nemeth covered things like semantic versioning, databases, dependencies, build systems and error handling.

The Register
A big Node story from 2016 that many will want to forget but which had lasting repurcussions.


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