Node Weekly
January 19, 2017  #171
The npm Blog
A walk through the history of search through both the npm tool and on the Web, and what’s coming up next.

Vladimir de Turckheim
What “dynamic performance optimization” means in Node, and a look at ways to detect optimized and deoptimized functions in your code.

Azat Mardan outlines 10 Node.js best practices you should be following in order to level up your Node skills today.

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Keith Horwood
Stdlib is a system for building and scaling microservices and it can be used to massively parallelize a task.

Jorge Bay
Insights on areas that cause throughput degradation along with tips for how to boost performance of your app.

Tamas Hodi
A quick look at some of the techniques you have at your disposal when working with asynchronous operations.

Nolan Lawson
A look at dealing with modules that need to deal with differences between environments.

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