Node Weekly
January 26, 2017  #172
Gajus Kuizinas
Nearley is a fast and modern parser toolkit for JavaScript that uses the Earley algorithm and this is a thorough tutorial as to its use.

Tierney Cyren
You know those ‘awesome’-themed lists of useful links and tools? NodeSource have collected together a list of 21 such lists Node developer would find useful.

Kiran Oliver
Joe Doyle and Dan Shaw of NodeSource chat about how today’s enterprises are approaching working with Node. 20 minute audio, video, and writeup.

npm, Inc.   Sponsor
npm’s the obvious choice for managing JavaScript dependencies, but when Ellie Mae built a web app, they needed to keep some code private. How? “Choose tools that work with the grain of how you want to work, and work with the grain of your tools…”

npm, Inc.

Rhys Arkins
A tool for keeping npm dependencies up-to-date automatically via GitHub pull requests. Ideal for running headless on a schedule.

Ivan Jovanovic
A practical guide to using HTTP/2 from Node, from generating a TLS certificate to getting everything working in Express.

Joyce Echessa
Create a simple chatbot that responds to queries from users via Facebook messenger. Joyce Echessa steps through the process in detail.

Péter Márton
Learn what Event Sourcing is, and when should you use it, along with a code-driven example.

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