Node Weekly
February 9, 2017  #174
Rod Vagg
A look at how Node adoption is climbing at record pace thanks to improved security procedures, new conferences, and a healthy community of contributions.

Nicolás Bevacqua
A gradual approach to adopting CSP, a way to mitigate cross site scripting risks by preventing resources from untrusted origins from loading.

Quickly visualise the difference between versions defined in your package.json and versions installed in the node_modules folder.

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Camilo Reyes shows how to write robust, testable code using SOLID principles by building a small but functional microblog with only minimal dependencies.

Arunoda Susiripala
We’re told a final release is imminent, but for now this post shows off what’s new in the next version of next.js, a framework for server-rendered React apps.

Alex Hultman
.. using the uWebSocket library. Hacker News debated the results and methodology.

Mike MacCana
A tidy 13 minute intro to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and how to work with it in your Node-powered sites.

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