Node Weekly
February 2, 2017  #173
Node.js Foundation
npm gets upgraded to 4.1.2, openssl gets upgraded, crypto now lets you select certificate store at runtime and uses system CAs instead of bundled ones.

Node.js Foundation
In collaboration with the Linux Foundation, the Node.js Foundation will be launching a vendor-neutral certification program for Node engineers.

Taron Foxworth
Walkthrough of joining together Node, Amazon Polly, Losant, Airtable, a Raspberry Pi, and a button to build an ‘inspiration station’ (video of the final device).

Twilio   Sponsor
Join fellow developers May 24-25 at SIGNAL for two days of technical sessions in San Francisco and build the future of communications together.


Jon Schlinkert
Parses HTML with cheerio and then renders Markdown where possible.

Colin Ihrig
A walkthrough of how to create a shared library from the Node.js source and then embed it within a C++ app.

Node.js Foundation
The Node Foundation are very keen for new people to get involved with contributing to the core Node codebase itself. This post fleshes out some ways to get going if you’re interested.

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