Node Weekly
March 2, 2017  #177
Benedikt Meurer
A well written, and rather technical, behind-the-scenes tale of the evolution of Turbofan, one of the V8 JavaScript engine’s optimizing compilers.

Matthias Etienne
Out of the box you get help generation, colored output, coercion and casting, typo suggestions, and auto-complete for Bash and Zsh.

Node.js Foundation
Node 7.7.0 was released yesterday but contained a bug that prevented native modules from loading, so 7.7.1 quickly followed.

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Valeri Karpov

Almir Bijedic
Once you had to hack around to create bots on Skype, but now there’s a fully approved way. This is a thorough walkthrough of using the Microsoft Bot Framework from Node.

Node.js Foundation
Notes on a few experimental diagnostic APIs and tools that have been added to Node recently, plus how Inspector is replacing the legacy V8 debugger.

Rachel White
Instead of using text as fodder for this bot, Rachel shows how to make a Twitter bot in Node.js using Twitter’s API, ImageMagick, & Microsoft’s Face API to manipulate selfies with cute overlays.

Node.js Foundation
An update to a 2013 post explaining the point of Node.js, ideal use cases and weak points. Could be handy to share with other developers or managers.

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