Node Weekly
March 9, 2017  #178
Tierney Cyren
The package.json is a fundamental part of most Node projects now, so understanding at least the basics of how it works and what it can do is crucial.

Carlos Vega
Node 7.6’s native support for async/await allowed Koa 2, a sort of next-gen lightweight alternative to Express, to be declared the stable Koa release.

Andy Van Den Heuvel
Loopback is as an open source mobile ‘backend-as-a-service’ framework with which you can build a REST API in minutes. Here’s a walkthrough.

Redisgreen   Sponsor
RedisGreen helps companies run some of the largest and most scalable Redis deployments in EC2.


Ben Nadel
Learn more about Node’s ‘cluster’ module by implementing a simple ‘Hello World’ app that uses it.

Safia Abdalla
Speeds up an often dull piece of work, and includes BSD, GNU, Apache and other licenses.
Mikeal Rogers, the Node.js Foundation’s community manager, talks about what’s involved in managing a community such as Node’s in a brief 13 minute podcast.

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