Node Weekly
April 13, 2017  #183
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer goes through the ways in which you can target multiple platforms via the same npm package.

Matt Hink
A library for building the ‘non-browser’ parts of an Electron app using React components to manage the app’s state.

Gergely Nemeth
If you don’t know your --zero-fill-buffers from your --check or --prof-process, this is worth skimming.

Bitmovin   Sponsor
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Sacha Greif
If GraphQL is yet another buzzword flying past, this is a great introduction to what the declarative data querying approach could be doing for you.

Node.js Core Technical Committee
V8 5.9 will come with Turbofan and Ignition enabled by default, but Node is optimized for the older CrankShaft system.

The what and why, how you can use the open source Prometheus for monitoring, before ending in a pitch for RisingStack’s Trace.

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