Node Weekly
June 15, 2017  #192
Jeremy Morrell
Last year’s edition was very popular, so it’s back. 8 more Node ‘habits’/best practices to consider.

the morning paper
Summary of an academic paper investigating causes of concurrency bugs in server-side event-driven systems, i.e. Node in this case.

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Sencha, Inc.

Prosper Otemuyiwa
If you haven’t dug into the new goodies yet, this is a good roundup of the latest developments on the Node ecosystem’s most important tools.

Keith Horwood
Brings together the Twilio telephony and StdLib serverless Node platforms in a very rapid way.

Eli Skeggs
If you only need to support modern browsers this modern alternative to cross-site request forgery tokens is worth a look.

If you work with React and haven’t heard about our React-focused newsletter yet, check it out. It’s been going really well. 🙂

Feras Khoursheed introduces us to Fusebox, a lightweight module bundler that serves as a simpler and potentially more flexible Webpack alternative.

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