Node Weekly
June 22, 2017  #193
Samer Buna
How to use spawn(), exec(), execFile(), and fork().

Michelle Gienow
An interview with the departing Node.js Foundation community manager where he remarks on the growth of the Node ecosystem.

Dave Ceddia
How to build a React app with an Express backend and deploy it to Heroku.

MONGODB   Sponsor
Learn everything you need to know to get started building a MongoDB-based app.


Node.js Foundation
A separate Node build that lets Node use Microsoft’s ChakraCore JavaScript engine instead of V8.

Grenache is a micro-framework for connecting microservices in a peer-to-peer style. An interesting approach for Node developers.

Azat Mardan wants to open up the development of the 2nd edition of his popular book and the Kickstarter is almost completely funded.

In Brief