Node Weekly
July 20, 2017  #197
Yoni Goldberg
19 different tips or best practices to consider when putting your Node apps into production, along with pop-out examples and links.

James M Snell
There’s a pull request containing an initial experimental implementation of HTTP/2 directly in Node. James explains how to get started playing with it.

Jonas Helfer
A community-maintained, open-source GraphQL server that works with Express, Hapi, Koa, Lambda, Micro, Restify, etc.

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Simple Programmer

Bianca Gandolfo
NDJSON is a data format that separates individual JSON objects with newlines, making more efficient streaming and processing possible.

Tierney Cyren
A quick and helpful guide for newcomers to the Node.js project to start contributing - with or without code - to the project.
Bundles Node and code into an executable, so not a compiler in the classic sense. Repo here.

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