Node Weekly
July 27, 2017  #198
Node.js Foundation
The results from a global survey on Node usage are out. They paint a picture of the technologies being used with Node, language preferences, and preferred production and dev environments.

Kent C Dodds
Kent explains that creating your own plugins to improve your development processes is a very approachable and productive activity.

John O'Nolan
4 years after its initial launch on Kickstarter, Ghost has grown into a very popular Node-based blogging system. GitHub repo.

Cloud 66   Sponsor
Tips on how Kubernetes can help with scaling your Node.js application and start breaking down the monolith into microservices.

Cloud 66

Samer Buna
A ton of things you need to know about Node’s built-in tools for improving scalability.

Daniel Khan
How the event loop really works and how to monitor it properly, along with some common misconceptions.

Ferenc Hámori
An alternative look at the results of the Node Foundation’s global research (mentioned above).

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