Node Weekly
August 24, 2017  #202
The New Stack
A growing number of Node community members are worried the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is ignoring violations of Node’s code of conduct. The fork is called Ayo.

Alex Zlatkov
…plus five tips on how to write optimized code.

Mark Hinkle
A statement from the Node Foundation Board of Directors on a recent vote by the TSC over whether a member should stay or not.

Manifold   Sponsor
Prosper Otemuyiwa shows how to create a simple note app, that allows users to register and create notes. Our little API will showcase one of the best features of GraphQL — responses that include only the data you need.


Jared Palmer
It abstracts all the tooling for a universal app into a single dependency and leaves the decisions around frameworks, routing, and data fetching to you.

Google Chrome Team
A Chrome-based rendering solution for rendering pages on the fly - well suited for rendering progressive web apps for bots that can’t render JS.

Péter Márton
An introduction to the important aspects of HTTP/2 Server Push and some Node code that benefits from using it.

In Brief