Node Weekly
August 31, 2017  #203
Irina Shestak
async_hooks is a new, and still experimental, API introduced in Node 8 that lets you register callbacks tracking the lifetime of asynchronous resources.

Emad Ehsan
A tutorial on using Chrome Headless from Node to retrieve data from normal Web pages. Note: Be careful of what you scrape and if you’re allowed to.

Rollbar   Sponsor
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Camillo Bruni
A look at how V8 handles object properties. Worth a read if you like to have a technical, under-the-hood sense of what’s going in V8.

A deep-dive into optimizations that should be made to achieve smooth rendering, and a low resource footprint for Electron on all platforms.

Node.js Foundation
This stems from the CoC enforcement issues raised in this article from last week.

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