Node Weekly
September 7, 2017  #204
Matteo Collina
Fastify is built as a general-purpose web framework, but ‘shines’ when building extremely fast HTTP APIs that use JSON as the data format.

Patrick Triest
A fun guide to building a Node.js API to serve a geospatial ‘Game of Thrones’ map, leaning heavily on Postgres (with PostGIS) and Redis.

Valentino Gagliardi
A thorough walkthrough of build a RESTful API with Koa, a next-gen Web framework for Node built by the team behind Express.

Redisgreen   Sponsor
Redis 4.0 is out and available on RedisGreen with full visualization of your memory usage and top-tier performance.


RisingStack Engineering
The aim of this post is to help you land your first commit to the Node.js core. Read all necessary steps from forking to finding good issues to work on.

Mikeal Rogers
Calling itself a successor to request, r2 uses the Fetch API in the browser, and a shim with Node.

Konstantin Tarkus
Calling C/C++ code using the modern N-API interface in combination with C++ wrappers.

In Brief