Node Weekly
October 26, 2017  #211
Node.js Foundation
8.8.0 exposes http2 support by default and fixes a DOS vulnerability in zlib, 8.8.1 fixes a minor regression in 8.8.0. 6.11.5 (LTS) & 4.8.5 (Maintenance) also resolve the DOS vulnerability.

Michael Hablich
The latest branch of the V8 engine is here - it’ll be coming to Node in the future, as well as Chrome 63. Performance increases are the order of the day here, plus 3 stage 3 ECMAScript features.

Redisgreen   Sponsor
Redis 4.0 is out and available on RedisGreen with full visualization of your memory usage and top-tier performance.


Nicolas Giard
A wiki app built on Node.js, Git, MongoDB and Markdown that runs on any platform Node does. Complete with asset management, search, and access control.

Google Chrome Developers
Thomas Nattestad explores what recent changes to the V8 engine mean for JavaScript performance and how the V8 team evaluates improvements against the real world.

Strapi Solutions
A Node content management framework/headless CMS with an extensible admin panel and a powerful plugin system. GitHub repo.

Aleksandar Simovic
Easily create your own serverless application with a database in under 10 minutes.

In Brief