Node Weekly
November 2, 2017  #212
Node.js Foundation
Node 8 becomes “ready for production” as it becomes the de facto LTS release version (as of Node 8.9.0). Node 9.0 (release notes) is also out and becomes the new ‘current’ release line with the latest features.

Francisco Presencia
Aims to be a ‘everything works out of the box’ experience, including things like cookies, sessions, WebSockets, gzip, CSRF protection, etc.

Redisgreen   Sponsor
Redis 4.0 is out and available on RedisGreen with full visualization of your memory usage and top-tier performance.


Chris Bailey, IBM
Why Node.js is good for micro-services, best practices for building scalable deployments, and how to monitor and profile your apps.

Inian Parameshwaran
Node 8.8.1 and above includes support for HTTP/2. This tutorial walks through creating a simple HTTP/2 server to serve static files, with a quick Server Push example too.

A ‘playground’ for testing code and packages right in the browser. It now supports Node 8(.9).

Kasra Bigdeli
Brings together Docker, NGINX, Let’s Encrypt and NetData (a monitoring system) for easy deployment and scaling of webapps.


In Brief