Node Weekly
November 23, 2017  #215

A slightly shorter than usual issue today in respect of Thanksgiving. We hope you have a good one if you celebrate it.

Peter Czibik
The steps behind writing a modern, fast and safe native Node module using Rust, a language focused on both speed and safety.

TJ Holowaychuk
Is your node_modules directory bursting at the seams? Here’s one potential solution. It’s written in Go, but someone else has created a JS alternative called nm-prune.

Codeship   Sponsor
Codeship ahead of IBM, AWS, Atlassian, and more. To be considered for Forrester’s report, companies needed to have a comprehensive CI product with a strong vision, more than 25 paying enterprise companies, and a strong product vision.


James Snell
A 30 minute talk from a core team member on what’s happening in the core of Node.js and where things are headed (despite there being no official roadmap).

Dominik Kundel
How to use modules like ‘helmet’ to improve the security of an Express app.

An analysis of Node versions used in projects on Semaphore’s hosted CI/CD service.

In Brief