Node Weekly
December 14, 2017  #218
The Node.js Technical Steering Committee
The Node.js TSC has met to discuss the implementation and planning for ESModules. Here they share a list of high level intentions for the implementation.

Node.js Foundation
Plenty of minor tweaks, plus upgrades to libuv and v8. console.debug can now be used outside of the inspector, module.builtinModules will return a list of built in modules, and more.

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Frontend Masters

Node.js Foundation
Node 4.8.7, 6.12.2, 8.9.3, and 9.2.1 were released in response.

Vincent Mühler
The latest in a series of OpenCV + Node tutorials, this time leaning on Tensorflow and Caffe to recognize objects in photos.

Chris Dias and Amanda Silver
A Node-oriented look at the new collaboration features in Microsoft’s open source code editor.

Franziska Hinkelmann
What’s faster, C++ or JavaScript?


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