Node Weekly
December 21, 2017  #219

In this final issue of 2017, we look back at our most popular links of 2017, so no news this week but we hope you have a happy holiday season and we're back on January 11, 2018 :-)

- The Node Weekly Team (Peter, Chris, and Za'e)

Jeremy Morrell
2016's edition was very popular, so it was great to see it back in 2017. 8 more Node ‘habits’/best practices to consider.

Node Summit
Paul Irish demonstrates improved workflows for debugging, profiling and understanding your app using the DevTools protocol. He also shares more advanced techniques for automating and monitoring Node.

Matteo Collina
Fastify is built as a general-purpose web framework, inspired by Hapi, but is well suited to building fast JSON-based HTTP APIs.

Redisgreen   Sponsor
Redis 4.0 is out and available on RedisGreen with full visualization of your memory usage and top-tier performance.


Yoni Goldberg
19 different tips or best practices to consider when putting your Node apps into production, along with pop-out examples and links.

Azat Mardan presents ten tips, tricks and best practices to help you become a better Node developer in the year ahead.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Node 8.5+ can support ES modules natively.

Yoni Goldberg
Curated from numerous popular articles this in-development list of best practices covers topics from error handling to memory use.

Mostafa Gaafar
Not a deep dive, but some simple examples of using async/await vs promises. ES2016’s async/await are natively supported in Node 7.6+, as well as via Babel.

Michelle Gienow
An interview with the now departed Node.js Foundation community manager. We have six months to see how this pans out.


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