Node Weekly
January 18, 2018  #221
Luke Edwards
A native HTTP server with added support for routing, middleware, and sub-applications that claims to be 33-50% faster than Express for simple apps.

Tierney Cyren
As an online platform, the npm registry will go down occasionally. That’s normal, but what can we do to mitigate the pains of a single point of failure?

C J Silverio
“The proposal you’re about to read is not just a proposal. We have a working implementation of almost everything we discussed here.” Exciting times as an idea becomes reality.

Sentry   Sponsor
You’re relying on users to report bugs? Use Sentry to find and respond to production issues in real time, using stack traces, asynch context tracking, release data, and preceding events. Sign up for free.


The npm Blog
In short, a user was inaccurately flagged as a spammer and the deactivation of their packages caused a cascade of issues.

Demir Selmanovic
An reintroduction to asynchronous JS, explaining why you should now be using async/await functions.

Tim Nolet
The AWS Lambda serverless platform now supports Go(lang) as well as Node. How does Node’s performance compare, considering Go is a statically compiled language?

Node.js Foundation
From the Node.js Foundation, a new directory of projects and products built with Node. Submit your own here.


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