Node Weekly
January 25, 2018  #222
Control Chrome headlessly over the DevTools protocol. 1.0 supports Chrome 65, JS/CSS code coverage API, better customization of PDFs, XPath support, and more.

Jason Miller
A simplified zero-configuration wrapper around Karma, Webpack, Jasmine and Puppeteer.

One company’s extensive set of guidelines covering areas like git, dependencies, environments, and API design.

Sentry   Sponsor
You’re relying on users to report bugs? Use Sentry to find and respond to production issues in real time, using stack traces, asynch context tracking, release data, and preceding events. Sign up for free.


Can Göktas creating something akin to create-react-app for Node apps.

The Node.js Benchmarking Working Group
Node’s Benchmarking Working Group is conducting a survey to help prioritize their efforts and better understand how Node’s performance impacts you.

AWS Lambda fan? We have a new newsletter dedicated to serverless architectures, platforms like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, etc. Here’s the latest issue.


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